Chad Rehmann

Creative Direction

Art Direction





Reposition an industry-recognized TV and film composer to be more on brand with the horror and thriller genres.


Chad Rehmann's personal brand (a hard working composer with midwestern approachability) was working against him when compared to his competitors. It was important he appear on brand to relevant studios that could offer more opportunities in line with the music he was composing.


My strategy was to strengthen and redefine his online presence with a rebranded website and social media assets that felt darker and more mysterious.

Logo & Visual Identity

Chad wanted to avoid the "Hollywood composer" look that many of his competitors used on their own sites. Being from the midwest, we explored ways to incorporate his roots and settled on an overall look inspired by many of the moody, dark, cornfield scenes from the movie Interstellar.


I knew the visual identity would be straightforward with minimal design, so I prioritized new photography since that would be used across multiple channels. When discussing tone we opted for a moody and dark theme that showed a grown-up, serious composer that was also approachable. A handful of intimate, closer shots invites viewers to take a closer look at his work.


The culmination of branding and photography comes together on his website, which was updated to create a more expansive portfolio of work filtered by feature film or television show.