Grey Duck Music

Creative Direction

Art Direction






Highlight additional service and product offerings from Chad Rehmann that don't compete for traffic or attention with his personal composing work.


I was unaware there was a little bit of a stigma in the music industry when it came to running multiple businesses. As a composer and artist it was assumed you were primarily dedicated to your craft, which could have been problem for Chad who ran a few other ventures on the side. We needed to create an opportunity for him to showcase and promote some of this work in a way that did not tie back to his personal compositions.


The solution was to create one overarching parent company that could neatly tie together the current work, but also flex to future developments.

Name Development

Unlike the personal brand which was targeted towards a specific genre, the brand for this company needed to be broad, professional, and easily applied to various projects (educational talks and programming, music publishing, recording, etc.). Inspired by a midwestern version of "Duck Duck Goose" and his father's name, we settled on Grey Duck as the overarching name.

Logo & Visual Identity

In order to maintain flexibility for future endeavors, I intentionally created a barebones visual identity consisting of a logo in several formats, color palette and typography. Since the names of the subsidiaries would be the changing factor, I wanted to make sure there was one, distinct icon or visual element that carried through from the parent branding. This ended up being a solid "D" shape with a cutout out of duck.

eCommerce Website

We needed to create a basic, self-manageable eCommerce website to sell a few goods, sheet music, etc. It was important that the site be easily editable and flexible to accommodate a wide range of products.