Irvine Company Marketing Assets







Support the leads-to-sales conversion process with relevant and engaging marketing materials that speak to where a prospect is in their sales journey.


With a 550+ building portfolio it was a challenge to provide sales teams with custom, high-quality deliverables that could convince prospects these were the best opportunities in the market.


As the team lead on the leasing and sales tools process, I recommended a three-point strategy to maintain and deliver marketing materials:

  • Reserve certain marketing materials for top, middle or bottom-of-funnel conversations
  • Adjust level of customization based on level of customer interest and engagement
  • Create consistent templating system for marketing materials across the portfolio for more efficient distribution and customization

Top-of-Funnel Collateral

The collateral I work on at this level includes print and digital brochures, informational flyers, and other non-custom graphics.

Middle-of-Funnel Custom Packages

When interest turns into engagement, I provide info packages that are tailored to a customer's specific property needs. We may also include signage mockups, infographics, maps, and other visual assets designed specifically for the opportunity.

Bottom-of-Funnel Custom Experiences

When we are almost at the point of conversion, we create a final, custom experience that ties together everything that's been presented to the prospect (website, video, mockups, etc.). Custom copywriting ensures we are speaking directly to why an Irvine Company portfolio meets the needs of their business.