Research Affiliates Landing Page




Improve the user experience and interface of a content heavy landing page.


Research Affiliates produces a lot of content around research-based investment strategies. Their original advisor page, lacking hierarchy and organization, made it hard for site visitors to identify and access the information and tools that were most relevant or valuable to them.


I designed a landing page that divided the content into several modules. This helped us prioritize featured content, make space for special events or offerings, and opt-in to a mailing list for lead generation.

Featured Articles

Most of the content on the advisors page was articles and insights in a long scrolling format. I broke the articles up into two sections:

  • a scrolling hero with 3-5 main featured items (articles, events, etc.)
  • a recent articles section featuring the most recent publications and a CTA¬†that went to a separate articles page

Advisor Symposium & Events

The Advisor Symposium is an annual event and a great opportunity share even more insights. Since a number of articles were also categorized under this, I thought it merited it's own module / site section.

Investment Tools

Research Affiliates offers several indices to help assess risk and financial action. These were originally at the very bottom of the page so I moved them up and structured in more of a "menu" format with some minor copy to help differentiate the three indexes.

Call to Action

The site didn't include any opportunity for visitors to provide contact information. This was a huge opportunity loss for RA, since this was one of the most popular pages that people would visit.